Did you ever feel like there should be an easy way to track your lap times directly on your phone?
Well i did too - and here is my solution!


Keep track of all your cars

Its easy to set Axxelerate up to monitor more than one Car. Add as many as you want

Laptimes are not everything - consistency is key!

The embedded charts make it easy to see how consistent your lap times are, and help you get faster, fast.

See your improvement, Session by Session

Axxelerate shows you your Laps and breaks them into sessions to make your improvement, and the effect of your setup changes visible.

Want Axxelerate at your Track?

Just download and install the AxServer at your Club's PC or run it on a RaspberryPi, its free and easy to setup!

expand_moreGet the AxServer

Get the Axxelerate App

The Axxelerate app is avalable for iOS and Android, the inital downlaod is Free, but there is an InApp-Purchase to unlock all the Pro features.

Freature comparison

Features Axxelerate Free Axxelerate Pro
Live Lap Times done done
Multiple Cars done done
Social Login done done
Live Lap Voice done
# of Sessions 1 unlimited

Get Axxelerate for your Track



It's Free

The AxServer is 100% free to use for everyone.

It's Easy to use

The AxServer is desinged for easy use, and requires only minimal knowledge to use.

It runs everywhere

AxServer runns everywhere from your regular Windows PC to a Linux based 35$ RaspberryPi.

It works with Robitronic and MyLaps Decoders

AxServer connects directly to your Robitronic Lap Counter or MyLaps RC3 and RC4 Decoders, to display your lap times.

Get the AxServer

Follow these four easy steps to get Axxelerate up and running at your track:

  1. Donwload the AxServer
  2. Unzip
  3. Run the "Run"-File
  4. Add your Track using the web interface

If you decide to run in on a RaspberryPi without monitor you can connect to the web interface from any host inside the same network with: http://raspberry:8080 and configure it remotely


Contact the Developer:

Oliver Faderbauer

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